In Their Own Words

Hear from our employees about their roles at NRECA and what drives their passion for their work.

Jan Ahlen, Distributed Energy Resources

Jan Ahlen, director of energy solutions for NRECA's Business and Technology Strategies department, talks about how distributed energy resources are changing the way electric co-ops operate.

Bud Branham, Safety

Bud Branham, director of safety programs at NRECA, has dedicated his career to working with co-ops on operations and safety initiatives.

Cynthia Hsu, Cybersecurity

Cynthia Hsu, cybersecurity program manager at NRECA, talks about the tools and resources she builds to help electric co-ops improve their cybersecurity practices.

Abby Berry, Consumer-Member Engagement

Abby Berry, consumer content manager at NRECA, talks about the resources she develops to support co-ops’ external and internal communication efforts and increase consumer-member engagement.

Jessica Healy, Legal Resources

Jessica Healy, NRECA assistant general counsel, talks about working with member co-ops on a variety of issues, from getting into the broadband business to governance questions.