120 Volunteers to Complete Five Home Repair Projects in Encanto, CA

Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives members will assist low-income homeowners

SAN DIEGO –  On Saturday, Feb. 25, approximately 120 volunteers from electric cooperatives across the country will join forces with Rebuilding Together San Diego (RTSD) to make critical repairs for five homeowners in Encanto, CA. Focusing on rebuilding home exteriors, Touchstone Energy volunteers will mark their ninth consecutive service day in conjunction with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) annual meeting by ensuring the future is safer and more energy-efficient for longtime homeowners in San Diego. This event couldn’t go better with the annual meetings theme: “Our legacy is the future.”

“These families are very excited about uplifting homes and their street. With limited income, they have not been able to maintain their homes and are extremely thankful for Touchstone Energy’s generosity,” said Deanne Hutchinson, project manager of RTSD.

“Touchstone Energy cooperatives’ commitment to the communities they serve is truly what makes them different. The outpouring of dedicated volunteers proves the strength of the national network of Touchstone Energy cooperatives. We appreciate the dedicated electric cooperative volunteers and are looking forward to working with them and RTSD to give back to the area,” said Mary McLaury, Touchstone Energy Chief Operating Officer.

From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., volunteers will be serving five deserving elderly and/or disabled homeowners. Most of the homeowners support multiple members of their family on limited incomes and no longer have the physical or financial ability to make the critical repairs themselves. Touchstone Energy cooperatives and RTSD will provide their services at no cost to the homeowners. Thanks to dozens of groups like Touchstone Energy, RTSD has been able to complete more than 400 home repair projects since 1995. This day of service will make a lasting impact on this neighborhood and inspire the volunteers throughout their annual meeting and beyond.

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