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Cybersecurity and Grid Resilience

Protecting America’s electric grid to ensure a reliable, affordable and secure supply of electricity is a top priority for electric cooperatives. Co-ops use a layered defense strategy to protect both physical and digital assets from storms, vandalism, cyber incidents and more.

Where we stand

Co-ops support the continued integration of industry experts into the development of reliability standards. We oppose legislation or regulation that would allow the federal government to unilaterally create such standards. Co-ops also advocate for continued improvement in the government’s information-sharing efforts with industry as a way of helping protect electric utility systems.

Digging deeper

Advancing cybersecurity

Electric co-ops routinely monitor and manage cyber risks. Cooperation among cooperatives is a key part of that cyber risk management process. Co-ops work together and share cybersecurity information with each other and with industry and federal government partners. Co-ops are seeking better access to government intelligence about threats so that they can respond quickly to protect members’ power and data.

Protecting the grid from natural and manmade threats

As part of the co-op commitment to keeping the lights on, electric co-ops conduct thorough planning, strategy and collaboration sessions. Co-ops work closely with the North American Electric Reliability Corp., federal agencies and local law enforcement agencies on matters of critical infrastructure protection. This includes sharing information about potential threats and vulnerabilities to the electric grid. Co-ops also deploy innovative technologies and monitoring to minimize the impact of power outages, enhance grid resilience and ensure reliable, cost-effective electricity to their communities.

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