We Are America’s Electric Cooperatives

From booming suburbs to rural farming communities, America’s electric cooperatives are energy providers and engines of economic growth
for 42 million Americans.

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Champions of Reliability

American families and businesses expect the lights to stay on at a cost they can afford. But nine states saw rolling blackouts last December as the demand for electricity exceeded available supply. Co-ops are working toward meaningful solutions to the reliability challenges spreading across the nation. Policymakers should recognize that the reliability of the electric grid is impacted by:

  • The electrification of the economy
  • Disorderly retirement and insufficient replacement of existing generation
  • Permitting challenges
  • Supply chain shortages
  • The availability of natural gas

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Spotlight Feature: Prioritizing Reliability

As the demand for electricity grows and the available supply dwindles, NRECA CEO Jim Matheson says there’s a need for policymakers to stop making the problem worse.

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in Rural Broadband

Millions of rural American families and businesses are stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide. And where no one else will provide the service, electric co-ops have found a way. Motivated by people, not profits, and the needs of their communities, electric co-ops are making rural broadband a reality.

Virginia Co-op Makes 20K Broadband Connections in 52 Months
Co-op Lands $47 Million From Missouri ARPA Funds for Broadband
Tennessee Co-ops Win $198 Million in Broadband Grants
Alabama Electric Co-ops Win $82.4 Million for Broadband
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Pulling Out All the Stops: Colorado Co-op Connects Students to Broadband

Co-op Facts: Bridging the Digital Divide

More than 200 co-ops in 39 states are developing or planning to deploy broadband service to their members, giving them access to telehealth services, online learning, remote work and new possibilities for local businesses.

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Spotlight Feature: 'A Vital Community Project'

A Colorado electric cooperative partners with members and staff volunteers to help restore wildfire-damaged forests for future generations.

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Driving New Possibilities

America’s electric cooperatives are innovating to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. From advancing the world’s largest carbon capture project to bundling solar energy and battery storage, co-ops are transforming the electric sector. As we work to meet tomorrow’s energy needs, smart investment in the future of their communities is key.

Hydrogen Power: Co-ops Are Helping a New Fuel Industry Grow
Wyoming ITC Lands Corporate Tenants for Carbon Capture Projects
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Some Co-ops Are Making Early Moves on Small Nuclear Reactors
Idaho Co-op Helps Launch EV Charging Network in the West
North Carolina Co-ops Launch Battery Project for Utility-Scale Storage
Colorado Co-op Helps Disaster-Prone Mountain Community Build Microgrid
Podcast: Harnessing Distributed Wind—Inside the RADWIND Project

Co-op Facts: Rise in Renewables

Over the past decade, co-ops more than doubled their renewable capacity from 5.7 gigawatts to nearly 14 gigawatts.

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