We Are America’s Electric Cooperatives

From booming suburbs to rural farming communities, America’s electric cooperatives are energy providers and engines of economic growth
for 42 million Americans.

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Smart Energy Policy Keeps the Lights On

American families and businesses expect the lights to stay on at a cost they can afford. But that’s no longer a guarantee. Over the next five years, 19 states from Montana to Louisiana are at high risk of rolling blackouts during normal peak conditions.

  • U.S. power demand will reach record highs in 2024 and 2025, increasing by 2.5% and 3.2% respectively.
  • Peak electricity demand is projected to grow by 38 gigawatts over the next five years – the equivalent of adding another California to the grid.

The stakes are too high to get this wrong. As electricity demand grows and supply fails to keep up, bad public policy is making the problem worse. That’s why America’s electric co-ops are fighting for smarter energy policies that prioritize reliability and affordability for all.

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Co-op CEO: ‘Jobs and Industry Will Flee’ if Reliability Issues Aren’t Fixed

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Spotlight Feature: Prioritizing Reliability

Hear NRECA CEO Jim Matheson’s remarks on grid reliablility at an October 2023 POLITICO event.

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in Rural Broadband

Millions of rural American families and businesses are stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide. And where no one else will provide the service, electric co-ops have found a way. Motivated by people, not profits, and the needs of their communities, electric co-ops are making rural broadband a reality.

Electric Co-op Offers Free Wi-Fi to First Responders
Zero to 40,000: Arkansas Co-op Hits Broadband Milestone
End of Affordable Connectivity Program Will Hurt Broadband Deployment
Co-ops Band Together to Build Statewide and Regional Middle Mile Networks
Leapfrogging the Competition: Mississippi Co-0p Delivers XGS-PON Broadband
Virginia Co-op Makes 20K Broadband Connections in 52 Months
Report: Co-ops Finding Success in Rural Broadband

Co-op Facts: Bridging the Digital Divide

More than 200 co-ops in 39 states are developing or planning to deploy broadband service to their members, giving them access to telehealth services, online learning, remote work and new possibilities for local businesses.

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Spotlight Feature: 'It's a Gift That All Americans Deserve'

Volunteers from 16 electric co-ops in five states will travel to Navajo Nation this summer to help bring electricity to at least 200 homes as part of an initiative to improve the lives of Americans in remote tribal areas.

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Driving New Possibilities

America’s electric cooperatives are innovating to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. From advancing the world’s largest carbon capture project to bundling solar energy and battery storage, co-ops are transforming the electric sector. As we work to meet tomorrow’s energy needs, smart investment in the future of their communities is key.

Ag Secretary Announces $81 Million for Colorado Co-ops’ Solar Projects
Co-ops Tapped to Negotiate DOE Grants for Clean Energy, Grid Projects
Co-op Consortium Selected for $45M in DOE Funding for Microgrids
Co-ops Make Early Moves to Accommodate Commercial EV Fleet Needs
Co-op Pursues Community-Scale Microgrid After ‘Snowpocalypse’
• Co-ops Turn Federal Funding Into Better Quality of Life for Their Members
Co-ops Overwhelm USDA With Project Proposals for $9.7B New ERA Program
G&Ts Collaborate on First Recommissioned Nuclear Plant in U.S. History

Co-op Facts: Rise in Renewables

Since 2016, co-ops have nearly doubled their renewable capacity from 8.2 gigawatts to nearly 15.8 gigawatts.

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