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Tax and Financing

Electric co-ops use private financing and government loans and grants to maintain and modernize electric systems and improve their communities in rural America.

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Co-ops need access to affordable financing to continue to maintain nearly half of the electric distribution lines and other grid facilities in the United States. NRECA supports robust funding for loans and grants from the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service and other federal programs that promote a robust electric grid, rural broadband service and rural economic development.

Impact on

Cooperatives and Businesses

Electric co-ops depend on public and private financing to help improve their distribution systems, which power more than 19 million homes, farms, schools and businesses.


Co-ops use financing to help expand infrastructure that is critical to the economic development of local communities and improves the lives of 42 million co-op members in 48 states.
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New Budget Bill: Historic Step Forward for Co-ops

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