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Electric co-ops balance environmental protection with the need to provide reliable and affordable electricity to 1 in 8 Americans. Reliable, affordable electricity is the foundation of economic opportunity, and electric co-op consumer-member expectations are built on the foundation of these attributes.

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NRECA believes that environmental, wildlife and land management policies should encourage flexible, local approaches rather than imposing costly rules that discourage innovation. We favor policies that rely more on providing incentives and encouraging voluntary conservation efforts.

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Most electric co-op operations, from operating power plants to trimming trees near power lines, are impacted by environmental policy. Federal policies should provide necessary protections as well as maintain flexibility to recognize the crucial role that co-ops play in bringing reliable, affordable and responsible power to rural businesses and households.


Co-ops are committed to meeting environmental requirements in a cost-effective manner. Given that electric co-ops serve members in 92% of our nation’s persistent poverty counties, we also seek to minimize the financial impacts of these requirements on our most vulnerable consumer-members. The cost of meeting environmental requirements has a disproportionate impact on low- and moderate-income consumer-members. Higher power costs also hurt local businesses in rural communities, causing job loss and slowing economic development.

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