IRS Form 990 Explained

What Is the IRS Form 990?

As tax-exempt not-for-profit organizations that are built by and belong to the communities they serve, many electric cooperatives are required to file an IRS Form 990 annually. This form is publicly available. It promotes transparency by providing an overview of the organization’s finances along with other information.

The numbers included in the below graphics are illustrative and are not designed for comparative purposes. Contact your local electric cooperative for more information specific to their Form 990 filings.

An Overview of the Co-op: The Summary Page

The first page of the form summarizes information reported in more detail elsewhere on the form, including information about the organization’s activities, governance, revenue, expenses, and net assets or fund balances.

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An overview of the co-op: The summary page

The Co-op Balance Sheet: Part X of Form 990

Part X of the Form 990 provides a detailed breakdown of the electric co-op’s balance sheet. This includes more specific information about co-op assets and liabilities.

The co-op balance sheet: Part X of Form 990