Along Those Lines: ACCESS Project Delivers Benefits of Solar to Co-ops’ Lower-Income Members

Photo By: Alexis Matsui

The Achieving Cooperative Community Equitable Solar Sources (ACCESS) project is a three-year, Department of Energy-funded effort in which electric cooperatives have worked on innovative ways to bring the benefits of solar power to their low- and moderate-income members. It’s the flagship component of NRECA’s Advancing Energy Access for All initiative.

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We focused an Along Those Lines podcast on ACCESS back in April 2021 as the project was just ramping up. Now, as ACCESS is set to wind down this month, we’ll talk with Lisa Slaughter, NRECA research engineer, about what it accomplished, as well as Marshall Cherry, president and CEO of Roanoke Cooperative in Aulander, North Carolina, about how ACCESS helped them expand offerings to their low-income members.

Listen to the episode below:

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