Along Those Lines: How Co-ops Are Ensuring Energy Access for All

NRECA’s Adaora Ifebigh and Cherryland Electric Cooperative CEO Tony Anderson discuss the Advancing Energy Access for All initiative with Along Those Lines host Scot Hoffman. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui/NRECA)

Cooperatives were created in the 1930s to deliver electricity to those without access—and nearly 80 years later, access is still part of the co-op mission. A new NRECA initiative, Advancing Energy Access for All, focuses on low- and moderate-income households who are at risk of being left out of some of the latest advances on the grid. 

In the latest episode of Along Those Lines, NRECA’s Adaora Ifebigh, who oversees the Advancing Energy Access for All initiative, discusses the goals and impacts of the program. We’re also joined by Tony Anderson, CEO of Cherryland Electric Cooperative in Michigan, which has several programs aimed at helping members in need. 

Listen to the episode below:

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