Along Those Lines: What the AI Revolution Means for Electric Co-ops

This month’s podcast features futurist Mike Walsh, CEO of the consulting firm Tomorrow. (Photo Courtesy: Mike Walsh)

Since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the term artificial intelligence has gone from an esoteric concept to a regular topic of conversation at home, at work and among friends. Most experts agree that AI will have a rapidly expanding impact on many, if not most, facets of our lives, and the technology- and data-heavy power industry is at the tip of the spear.

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How are co-ops already using AI, and how will this evolving technology shape and change the way we approach operations, member services and our workplace culture in the years to come?

In this episode, we’ll hear from Mike Walsh, a futurist, author and the founder and CEO of the consulting firm Tomorrow. He’ll also be sharing his insights on AI and other technologies as a keynote speaker for NRECA’s PowerXchange and TechAdvantage in March.

Listen to the episode below:

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