Along Those Lines: What’s Next for Co-ops and Battery Storage

Along Those Lines host Scot Hoffman (right) interviews NRECA’s Jan Ahlen on the state of battery storage technology. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui/NRECA)

The number of electric utilities deploying large battery systems to store power is on the rise, but it’s a technology that’s still very much in its infancy. How are electric cooperatives integrating storage, and how are they using it to serve their members? 

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In the latest episode of Along Those Lines, NRECA’s Jan Ahlen explains how this promising technology works and where the trend is headed. We’ll also hear from Kevin Short, general manager of Anza Electric Cooperative, whose co-op is getting ready to deploy its first utility-scale battery storage unit to help battle resiliency challenges due to California’s frequent wildfires. And Barry Brown, executive director of engineering and transmission maintenance at AEPCO, talks about their unique relationship with Anza and how they’ve worked together to get this project off the ground.

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