Along Those Lines: What Is the Beneficial Electrification League?

Duane Highley (right), CEO of Tri-State Generation & Transmission and leader of the Colorado chapter of the Beneficial Electrification League, talks with host Scot Hoffman during NRECA’s 2020 TechAdvantage Conference and Expo in New Orleans. (Photo By: Jessica O’Neal/NRECA)

The beneficial electrification movement—using electricity to replace fossil fuels for everything from mowing your lawn to powering your car—has gained momentum and led to the formation of the Beneficial Electrification League.

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With chapters in states across the country and a national board, the league’s mission is to increase understanding of electrification’s economic, consumer and environmental benefits.

The league’s co-chair, Gary Connett, formerly of Great River Energy, and Tri-State G&T CEO Duane Highley, who heads its Colorado chapter, chat with us about their goals for the group and how co-ops are getting involved.

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