Along Those Lines: Co-op Voters and the 2020 Elections

Along Those Lines host Scot Hoffman (right) discusses rural voters and the 2020 elections with pollster Keith Frederick (left) and NRECA Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Connor. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui/NRECA)

With 2020 elections less than 300 days away, we’re kicking off the year by delving into the critical role of rural voters: What issues are important to constituents in electric cooperative territories, and what are co-ops doing to make sure their voices are heard?

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In the latest episode of Along Those Lines, Jeffrey Connor, NRECA’s chief operating officer, and Keith Frederick, owner of a polling firm that conducts an annual survey of co-op consumer-members, weigh in what to expect in terms of political engagement in co-op country this year.

Listen to the episode below:

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