Along Those Lines: The Ins and Outs of the FCC’s Biggest Rural Broadband Auction

In the first phase of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, electric cooperatives won bids totaling $1.6 billion to deploy broadband to nearly 1 million locations in 31 states. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui/NRECA)

The need to close America’s digital divide is as crucial as ever, and the Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund stands to have a huge impact, with billions in funding for deploying broadband to unserved communities.

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NRECA’s Brian O’Hara and NRTC’s Greg Santoro break down how the RDOF auction works and outline concerns about winning bidders with unproven technologies, and Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative’s Rachel Hauser gives the perspective from a co-op that’s looking to use RDOF funding to make major progress in its broadband efforts.

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