Along Those Lines: Dealing With the Disastrous Effects of Flooding in the Heartland

An aerial view of Kristi and Drew Wolfe’s property in Richland, Nebraska, several days after the flooding began. (Photo Courtesy: Kristi Wolfe)

Midwestern farmers faced devastating flooding last spring, with recovery efforts still ongoing as winter approaches.

In the latest episode of Along Those Lines, we get a firsthand look at what it’s been like to cope with this situation from a couple who owns a farm in Richland, Nebraska. Kristi and Drew Wolfe, members of Cornhusker Public Power District, faced a combination of weather events back in March that changed their business forever.

A view of what had been a line of feedlot pens and a cornfield at Kristi and Drew Wolfe’s farm in Richland, Nebraska, after spring flooding. (Photo Courtesy: Kristi Wolfe)

We’re also joined by Kim Christiansen, who was general manager of the Nebraska Rural Electric Association before recently joining the National Consulting Group at NRECA, and Sam McDonald of NRECA’s legislative team about the overall economic impact on Nebraska and federal flood-mitigation work.

Listen to the episode below:

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