Along Those Lines: How Co-ops Are Meeting Evolving Member Expectations

Cordreka Valentine works at Horry Electric Cooperative in Conway, South Carolina, as a member services trainee. Co-ops across the country are facing evolving expectations from their members. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui/NRECA)

In recent surveys, electric cooperative members say that the highest expectation they have of their cooperative is essentially the same as it’s always been: access to reliable and affordable power. But over the last decade or so, a flood of new industry technologies has begun offering consumers unprecedented insights into and control over their power use, and members have responded by asking their co-ops for a host of new services and offerings. These run the gamut from wanting input on the sources of their electricity to 24/7 access to their energy data to help with purchasing and charging an electric vehicle.

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The advent of this highly engaged and empowered modern member is driving broad changes in the way electric co-ops do business and how they communicate about the services they offer.

To discuss this challenging trend, we’ll talk to two longtime co-op leaders who work closely with the co-ops in their states to help them keep up with member demands: Nelle Hotchkiss, senior vice president of association services and chief operating officer at North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, and Lisa Johnson, CEO and general manager at Seminole Electric Cooperative, a generation and transmission co-op based in Tampa, Florida.

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