Along Those Lines: ‘Immediate, Irreparable Harm’—The Impacts of EPA’s Power Plant Rule

Photo By: Raquel Lonas/Getty Images

The Environmental Protection Agency finalized a major new rule late last month that aims to aggressively cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. 

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NRECA CEO Jim Matheson immediately responded, calling the rule “unlawful, unrealistic and unachievable,” and critics across the industry have decried the sweeping, 1,000-page regulation as a misguided threat to electric reliability at a time when the grid is already stressed and facing soaring demand amid a rise in new manufacturing, electric vehicles and data centers.

Hear from Ashley Slater, NRECA’s vice president for regulatory affairs, and Mac McLennan, CEO of Minnkota Power Cooperative in North Dakota, about the rule, its impacts and how co-ops are working to reverse it.

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