Along Those Lines: Lessons Learned From the Texas Power Crisis

Electricity costs during the recent Texas cold snap have sparked concerns about ERCOT’s operations and the use of blackouts to reduce load to avoid damage to the grid. (Photo By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
U.S. and Texas flags fly in front of high voltage transmission towers on Feb. 21, 2021, in Houston. (Photo By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

An unprecedented Arctic blast and winter storm that hit the Midwest and the South in February caused widespread power supply issues, rolling blackouts and sustained outages. The event impacted multiple states, but Texas was hit the worst with several days of outages, crippling power supply shortages and nearly 200 deaths attributed to the storm. What happened in Texas, and why was it so much worse there?

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Hear from Mike Williams, CEO of Texas Electric Cooperatives, as well as Mark Jones, a Rice University fellow who was part of a University of Houston research team that surveyed Texas power consumers in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

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