Along Those Lines: ‘In the Blink of an Eye’—Devastating Incident Becomes Teaching Tool

Branden Bauer with his wife, Katelyn, and their daughters, Addilyn (left ) and Harper. (Photo By: Denny Gainer/NRECA)

In January 2021, Branden Bauer was working at United Electric Cooperative in western Pennsylvania as a journeyman lineman with nearly 10 years of experience. During a system improvement project on a tricky section of line, he made contact with a live conductor that he’d mistakenly thought was a neutral, and he suffered devastating, life-altering injuries.

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On this episode, we talk with Branden about that incident, his recovery, and how he’s made a mission of telling his story in the hope that it will help other line crews work more safely. We’re also joined by Branden’s wife, Katelyn, who frequently travels with Branden to share the impact this incident has had on her and their family.

Graphic content warning: Please be aware that this episode contains extremely graphic descriptions about electrical contact injuries and recovery. Listener discretion is advised.

Listen to the episode below:

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