Along Those Lines: Middle-Mile Muddle

Crews in Arkansas install a telecommunications hut at a substation as part of Diamond State Networks’ middle-mile broadband system. (Photo Courtesy: Craighead Electric)

Over the past decade, as hundreds of billions of public dollars have been allocated to connect all Americans with reliable, affordable, high-speed internet access, most of the attention has been focused on building so-called “last mile” networks that connect homes and business to internet service providers. Less well-known is the “middle mile,” which connects local networks to the broader web—a particularly critical facet for rural areas located long distances from the main internet connection hubs.

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As more and more electric cooperatives have gotten into the broadband space lately, many are finding it difficult to access reliable, affordable third-party middle-mile networks, and some of them are starting to take matters into their own hands.

To help explain the current challenges with middle mile and how co-ops are responding, we’re joined by Katie Culleton, NRECA legislative affairs director, and Steven Bandy, general manager of OzarksGo, the broadband subsidiary of Ozarks Electric Cooperative in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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