Along Those Lines: Proactive Safety—Commitment to Zero Contacts and Virtual Reality Training

Photo By: Denny Gainer/NRECA

Back in 2016, electric cooperative safety officials began seeing an alarming national trend: An increasing number of co-op lineworkers were suffering serious injuries and deaths due to accidental contacts with live power lines.

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This led to a concerted effort by NRECA, Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange and the statewide cooperative associations to raise awareness about this trend and provide tools and resources to combat it.

The initiative, called Commitment to Zero Contacts, kicked off in early 2018 and recently launched a suite of Phase 2 resources and programs, including a brand new virtual reality training kit that’s being rolled out to statewide associations across the country.

To discuss these tools and other facets of Commitment to Zero, we’ll hear from Bud Branham, NRECA’s director of safety programs, Corey Parr, Federated’s vice president for safety and loss control, and Farris Leonard, job training and safety field service director for North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives.

Listen to the episode below:

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