Who Reads RE Magazine

Staff at 99% of America’s Powerful Electric Co-ops Read RE Magazine

If you’re looking to increase sales, electric cooperatives are ripe with opportunity. The numbers speak for themselves.
Today’s electric co-ops:

  • Own assets worth $192 billion
  • Own and maintain 2.7 million miles, or 42%, of the nation’s electric distribution lines
  • Deliver 12 percent of the total kilowatt hours sold in the U.S. each year
  • Generate nearly 5 percent of the total electricity produced in the U.S. each year
  • Invest $4 billion annually in infrastructure updates

RE Magazine is the only industry publication to reach 99% of all electric co-ops—including a paid subscriber base of almost 20,000 readers and a total readership of 44,930 including pass-along readers.

These aren’t just any readers. From CEOs and board members to operations supervisors and supply managers, 59% of our subscribers have a say in purchasing decisions. These are the influencers you need to reach.

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RE Magazine believes in full transparency, which is why we subscribe to the BPA Worldwide Brand Report (BPA).

BPA Worldwide is a not-for-profit organization that provides independent, third-party audits of audience claims of business-to-business publications, consumer magazines and face-to-face events. Publishers use BPA-audited data to prove to media buyers that the audience quantity and quality they claim is accurate.

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RE Magazine Influence and Action

After seeing an ad in RE Magazine, respondents reported one or more of the following:

  • 81% associated ads with respective brands
  • 91% liked one or more ads
  • 73% have improved opinion of a product or service
  • 79% became newly aware of a product or service
  • 51% engaged in preliminary buying behavior *
  • 37% engaged in active buying behavior **

* Preliminary buying behaviors include saving the ad, discussing advertised product or service with colleagues, visiting advertiser’s website, or contacting a salesperson.
** Active buying behaviors include requesting a sample, considering a purchase, recommending or purchasing the advertised product or service.