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Some federal laws and regulations make it more difficult for electric co-ops to provide electricity in a safe, reliable and affordable way.

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NRECA supports strong safety programs and is working with Congress to make changes in federal land-use laws to ensure that co-ops can continue to be a dependable source of electricity for rural communities. We appreciate Congress’s recognition that not-for-profit co-ops should be exempt from federal regulations governing pole attachments for broadband and cable services.

Impact on

Cooperatives and Businesses

Co-ops often run into costly delays when trying to maintain power lines that cross federal lands or the habitat of endangered species. There needs to be a faster approval process from the federal government to allow co-ops to get the permits they need to trim trees and clear brush to keep the electricity flowing and reduce wildfire risks.


Co-ops provide affordable power to residents and businesses in sparsely populated rural areas. Burdensome federal regulations can unnecessarily hamper their ability to serve their consumer-members, many of whom earn low or moderate incomes.
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SEMO Electric Cooperative CEO Weighs In on Safety

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