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Reliability and Security

Electric co-ops are working to help protect the nation’s electric grid from natural and manmade threats and ensure the privacy of their members’ and employees’ data.

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Where we stand

Co-ops support the current system that allows industry experts to participate in the development of reliability standards and oppose legislation or regulation that would leave it solely to the federal government to create such standards. Co-ops also advocate continued improvement in the government’s information-sharing with industry to help protect electric utility systems.

Impact on

Cooperatives and Businesses

Co-op leaders work every day to ensure their members have secure and reliable power. Co-ops maintain strong industry/government partnerships as well as industry-to-industry partnerships, including mutual assistance networks. These partnerships increase grid protection and help restore power faster after natural disasters.


Coordinated efforts to protect the nation’s electric grid are key to preventing disruption of power to communities and to restoring power quickly if a disruption occurs.

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