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Tax and Financing

Electric co-ops use private financing and government loans and grants to maintain and modernize electric systems and improve their communities in rural America.

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Co-ops need access to affordable financing to continue to maintain nearly half the electric distribution lines and other grid facilities in the United States. NRECA supports robust funding for grants from the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and other federal programs that promote rural broadband service, rural economic development and innovative technology.

Impact on

Cooperatives and Businesses

Co-ops depend on public and private financing to help improve their distribution systems, which power more than 19 million homes, farms, schools and businesses.


Co-ops use financing to help expand infrastructure that is critical to the economic development of local communities and improves the lives of 42 million people in nearly 90 percent of U.S. counties.

Read More About Electric Co-ops and the RURAL Act:

An unintended consequence of the 2017 tax law threatens the tax-exempt status of electric co-ops, and a legislative fix remains in limbo. The following news articles and op-eds illustrate the firsthand impact on co-ops and the need for Congress to pass the RURAL Act.

Utility Dive: Co-ops Struggle With 2017 Tax Law as Congress Moves to Address Impacts
The Hill: Rural Broadband in Jeopardy Unless Congress Fixes Taxing Problem
E&E News: Electric Co-ops Fight Trump Tax Law, Warn of Price Spikes
Green Bay Press Gazette: Washington Island Electric Co-op Combats Rate-Raising Tax Law That Hurts in Times of Need
Morning Consult: Hurricane Dorian and the Need to Solve a Taxing Problem
Bloomberg Tax: Rural Electric Co-ops See Need for Tax Fix as ‘Existential Issue’
The Bulletin: Congress Should Support Co-op Tax Fix

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