Microgrid Consortium

This coalition of rural electric cooperatives seeks to develop resilient, reliable and economically beneficial microgrid and storage projects for their communities.

Billions of dollars from the bipartisan infrastructure law have been allocated to improve electric grid resilience in rural areas and demonstrate new approaches to enhancing grid reliability—including through microgrids. Operated by NRECA Research, the Microgrid Consortium will partner with federal, state and local stakeholders to identify funding opportunities and develop replicable pathways for advanced microgrid deployment in rural communities. The consortium serves as a forum for co-ops to share lessons learned, identify opportunities for collaboration, network with other co-ops and learn from microgrid experts.

What Are Microgrids?

A microgrid is a power system that is detached from the main electric grid either full time or for a specific event, like a power outage. It has a source of generation, a means of distribution, and a platform that manages generation to effectively meet the demand for electricity and keep the system stable. Learn more on cooperative.com.

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The Consortium Supports Co-ops as They:

  • Enable information sharing and the development of collaborative solutions for microgrid planning, engineering, design, operations and economic efforts.
  • Work to access infrastructure funds for microgrid project development.
  • Leverage co-op partnerships to identify funding opportunities for regional or networked groupings of microgrid and storage projects.
  • Create programs to develop workforce solutions for new technologies.
  • Demonstrate unique technologies to improve grid reliability and resilience.
  • Develop technically sound, economically viable and tiered benefit structures for sustainable operation in communities.

For co-ops interested in joining this consortium, please visit the cooperative.com infrastructure consortia section (login-required).

NRECA Coverage: Co-ops Are Leaders in Microgrid Projects

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