New Cooperative Posters

Updated artworks celebrate the strength and value of electric co-ops

To commemorate its 75th Anniversary, NRECA has released a new series of posters touting the strength and value of electric cooperatives. The artwork, by NRECA Creative Director Kevin Kepple, was inspired by the iconic Lester Beall posters commissioned by the Rural Electrification Administration in the 1930s to build support for the rural electrification program.

“Think about a modern set of electric cooperative posters,” wrote NRECA COO Jeffrey Connor in a recent issue of RE Magazine. “What aspirations would they depict? What audiences would they address? Answering such questions may be the clearest way to cut through today’s politics and noise and set our new imperatives.”

Below is a gallery of the set of new posters.

Visit to read about Lester Beall and the legacy of the original REA posters.