NRECA Applauds Proposed Investment in Rural Broadband

ARLINGTON, Va. – National Rural Electric Cooperative Association CEO Jim Matheson today applauded a proposal by House and Senate Democrats to invest $40 billion to expand broadband access in rural communities across the nation.

“We’re grateful to see this proposal unveiled, and appreciate the recognition that a significant investment is needed in order to successfully bring high-speed internet to rural America,” Matheson said. “Broadband access is a key ingredient to a healthy 21st century economy, especially in America’s rural communities. Expanded high-speed internet access should be a top economic priority for policymakers, and I’m glad that a growing number in Congress recognize the need to solve this problem. We look forward to continuing to work on the details of this and other proposals. Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and other stakeholders should work together and move swiftly to help make broadband a reality for those who call rural America home.”

Jim Matheson serves on the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. As the economic need for broadband has become more acute, an increasing numbers of electric cooperatives are stepping in either to provide the service themselves or find other solutions. More than 80 electric cooperatives are deploying or planning to deploy broadband in rural communities across the country.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association is the national service organization that represents the nation’s more than 900 not-for-profit, consumer-owned electric cooperatives, which provide service to 42 million people in 47 states.