NRECA Women in STEM: Cordia Paige

Cordia Paige, Network Specialist, IT, NRECA

Job Role: Network Specialist

Department: IT

Explain a little bit about your career at NRECA. What is the core function of your current role and how does it support the mission of the organization?

I have been with NRECA for three years and the core function of my job is working in our Operations Data Center. I am responsible for scheduling and monitoring production services for the organization. NRECA has critical business processes supporting money movement and other file transfers to both banks and vendors. The timely and accurate transmission of these processes is critical to NRECA operations. 

How did you get here? Has your background always been in STEM fields, or was it something you discovered later in your education or career?

I was searching for challenging roles, in 2016 I found this position and was lucky enough to be a perfect fit for what NRECA needed at the time. I have a BS in Computer Information Systems, 40 years’ experience and I enjoy working in the IT field. I come from a military background and started with the military in 1977. 

How did you become interested in your area of expertise?

My first assignment was at a Data Center as a clerk. I began asking questions and learning on the job, which allowed me to see how job scheduling and processing was performed. My Sargent at the time sent me to Computer Operator training in 1979, which is when I started working in the IT field. 

What is your favorite thing about your job and NRECA?

I am allowed to grow within my field and I can learn from other members of the IT Department. NRECA encourages and makes training available to anyone interested in furthering their professional development.  Plus, NRECA feels like a family!

What inspires you?

Being able to train and learn new things.

What does it mean to you to be working in your current field?

It means very much to me. I went to college and earned my degree so I would have all the necessary qualifications.

If you had a piece of advice for someone who wanted to explore a role in Tech or another STEM field, what would it be? Go for IT.  If you are happy with what you are doing, then it will never feel like just a job, it will be your career!

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