Medical Care, Health and Safety

The safety and security of all Youth Tour program participants has always been, and will always be, our number one priority.

Our Nurses: Helen and Susi

We have two excellent nurses on-site for the entire week. Beginning in 1998, Susi Church and Helen Alexander contracted with NRECA to provide for First Aid and general nursing care for the Youth Tour Program. Helen and Susi understand the program and know the state tour directors and NRECA staff.

Helen’s nursing career includes 40 years in long-term care, management, critical care and the operating room, with with emergency room and recovery room experience.

Susi’s nursing career of 35 years has primarily focused on critical care and trauma, including management, emergency room and recovery room experience. She has spent 10 years as volunteer fire fighter and paramedic.

Health and Safety Tips


  • You will be walking a lot — many miles a day in some cases.
  • Wear old, worn, comfortable shoes!
  • Read the packing tips (PDF) for suggested types of shoes to bring.
  • Pack any braces, support or joint wraps that you use, just in case.

Eye Care

  • If you wear contacts, bring wetting solutions — air quality and allergens can irritate.
  • Bring a spare pair of glasses in case of loss.
  • Bring sunglasses!


  • Remember to eat fruits, vegetables and salads, not junk food or fast foods. (You’ll need healthful foods for energy!)


  • Please indicate all medicines that you must take on the health forms provided by your cooperative.
  • Bring all prescription medicines in their original (labeled) containers.
  • Bring all regular medications as well as occasional usage medications (such as migraine medicine).
  • Drug and grocery stores are nearby for over-the-counter needs.

And don’t forget …

  • A copy of health care and prescription cards (both sides).