Along Those Lines: Heroic Co-op Employees Go Above and Beyond

A Missouri co-op employee saved two men from a burning armored vehicle after coming across the scene of an accident. The entire cab was engulfed in flames just moments after he pried the driver’s door open and the men escaped. (Photo Courtesy: Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District)

In celebration of National Co-op Month, we talk to electric cooperative employees whose routine workdays turned into lifesaving rescue missions as they came to the aid of community members. Crew members describe rescuing a woman trapped in a flooded creek in Tennessee, pulling two men from a fiery armored truck crash in Missouri, and saving an older resident from his burning Mississippi home.

This episode is sponsored by Hubbell.
This episode is sponsored by Hubbell.

Hear these stories of co-op heroism from Mollie Ingle and Rick Courtner of Mountain Electric Cooperative in Tennessee, Kurtis Brown of Southwest Electric Co-op in Missouri, and Wade O’Briant of Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association in Mississippi.

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