Along Those Lines: How Co-ops Foster a Strong Workplace Culture in Changing Times

(Photo By: Makhbubakhon Ismatova/iStock/Getty Images)

The way companies manage their operations and their employees had already been changing rapidly before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The pace of change has accelerated to an unprecedented level since then, and electric cooperatives have been right in the middle of this churn.

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Advances in grid and member communication technologies, a broadening desire for remote work accommodations, a surge in retirements and evolving member expectations have made it essential for co-op managers to ensure that the workplace culture they’ve built encourages open communication, fosters learning and leadership development, and attracts the right new talent to face the challenges of today and those to come.

How are co-ops reacting to this tumultuous time, and what facets of the cooperative model are they leveraging to manage this change well? Hear from Tim McCarthy, CEO of Sioux Valley Energy in South Dakota, and Delaine Orendorff, NRECA’s director for human capital planning.

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