Perks of Advertising in RE

When you advertise with RE Magazine, you get additional advantages designed to boost exposure for your brand

Advertising perks include the following:

Campaign Analytics

A free quarterly report showing how many subscribers noticed your display ad, how they perceived it, and what purchase actions they took. The MediaView Pro Study – performed by Baxter Research Center – takes place every March, June, September, and December.

Bonus Distributions & Event Signage

At trade shows, special events, and special promotions to key staff, your ad will gain maximum exposure with an extended audience. We send thousands of copies of the magazine to special events throughout the year.

Plus, an advertiser who also exhibits at the TechAdvantage® Expo is provided with complimentary, professionally designed and produced “As Advertised In” display signage to create customer recognition between your advertising and your booth display. * For in-person event only.

Buyer’s Guide Listings

The Online Buyer’s Guide offers year-around exposure and a personal login to review and edit your listing at any time. Associate Members qualify for a complimentary year-round company listing in the Online Buyer’s Guide, as well as in the printed edition of the annual Buyer’s Guide issue of RE Magazine (May). Non-members can purchase a Premium listing.

Targeted Solutions – Personalized Services

Not only will you have a team of professionals helping you get the most from every ad dollar, you’ll also have a team of professionals to help you gauge the best ways to grow your market share. We’ll help you determine the right people at the co-op to target, and the best ways to reach them. Then we’ll develop a customized plan that makes the best use of your budget. Whether it’s through targeted editorial, event participation, membership, or more, we will ensure you have the best opportunities to succeed.

Press Releases + Editorial Coverage

We offer NRECA Associate Members and advertisers two primary opportunities to be considered for editorial coverage:

  1. New Products – one of our most popular columns featuring new products and services for Electric Cooperatives. To be considered for inclusion, submit press releases and photographs of your products, services, and catalogs to:
    • John Lowrey, Technical Editor
    • Phone: 217-801-5879
    • E-mail:
  2. Tech Insights – short summaries of Electric Cooperative Utilities deploying new technologies and vendors with whom they’re working – Submissions should be sent to your National Account Manager.

Extra Issues and Reprints

  • Get extra issues of RE Magazine to use as powerful, in-context sales tools. Order on or before your advertising reservation due dates (or contact your National Account Manager for more details).
  • Reprint articles and advertisements appearing in RE Magazine to boost your sales, as long as they’re not altered and they carry the following credit line and copyright notice:”Reprinted with permission from the MONTH YEAR issue of RE Magazine Copyright © (YEAR OF ISSUE) by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. All Rights Reserved.”For example, Reprinted with permission from the January 2020 issue of RE Magazine Copyright © 2020 by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. All rights reserved.) For information and help reprinting portions of RE Magazine, contact: