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Industry Reps to House Ag: USDA Should Handle Rural Broadband (Southeast AgNet)
Industry Testimonies Reveal Division Over 2023 Farm Bill (FierceTelecom)
Who Are the Wireless and Wired Telecom Trade Associations? (FierceTelecom)
U.S. Allocates $42B in Broadband Funding—Find Out How Much Your State Will Get (ArsTechnica)
Broadband Industry Sounds Off on BEAD Funding Reveal (FierceTelecom)
Electric Cooperative Broadband Restrictions: NRECA Execs Offer an Update (Telecompetitor)
USDA Readies to Distribute $1.15B for Rural Broadband (Politico)
Broadband’s Rural Reach: How Electric Co-ops Reduce the Digital Divide (GCN)
Broadband Industry Unites To Launch Statewide Broadband Office Educational Webinar Series (Business Wire)
Scuffle Over 6 GHz Band Raises Questions About Wi-Fi 6E, FWA (Fierce Telecom)
GRID Broadband Act Seeks to Build Out Middle-Mile Infrastructure Along Existing Electric Grid (Daily Energy Insider)
As Industry Reacts to RDOF Rejections, What About the Other Big Unauthorized Bids? (Telecompetitor)
Senators Want to Tap U.S. Electric Grid for Broadband Rollouts (Fierce Telecom)
New NRECA Membership Service Tier Is Electric Cooperative Broadband Focused (Telecompetitor)
SpaceX Says 5G Interference Could Make Starlink Internet ‘Unusable’ (Gizmodo)
Leaders of Broadband Industry Trade Groups Are Bullish on Fiber, With Some Caveats (Broadband Breakfast)
Arkansas Electric Co-ops Team to Deliver Middle Mile Fiber Across the State (Fierce Telecom)
FCC Fines LTD Broadband $100k for Breaking RDOF Rules With Cox Talks (Fierce Telecom)
RDOF Winner Resound Networks’ Change of Plans Hits a Nerve With NRECA, NTCA (Telecompetitor)


U.S. Adversaries Trying to Manipulate Energy Resources (Fox News)
U.S. Electric Cooperative Association Launches Commercial OT Security Solution (SecurityWeek)
How the Cyber Incident Reporting Law Could Finally Fix the Information Sharing Problem (CyberScoop)
Rural Electric Co-op Security Grants (The CyberWire)
Biden Executive Order on Power System Cybersecurity Leaves Critical Operations Vulnerable, Experts Say (Utility Dive)

Clean Energy

Cooperative Builds and Maintains Its Own Wind Farm (T&D World)
USEA Panel Explores How to Cut CO2 As Electricity Demand Increases (RTO Insider)
U.S. Climate Law Could Jumpstart Public Power Sector’s Clean Energy Investment (S&P Global)
Inflation Reduction Act Offers Rural Electric Co-ops Potential to Expand Renewable Energy (Agri-Pulse)
Critics Eye ‘Major Questions’ Challenge to EPA’s CSAPR Expansion Plan (Inside EPA)
SCOTUS GHG Decision Could Have Far-Reaching Impacts (Agri-Pulse)
How the High Court Ruling Changes EPA and Clean Electricity (E&E News)
Win for Rural Electric Co-ops: SCOTUS Limits EPA’s Role in Controlling Emissions (RFD-TV)
Supreme Court Decision May Slow Transition to Cleaner Energy (Associated Press)
EPA Regional Ozone Proposal Threatens Electric Reliability: RTOs, State Utility Regulators (Utility Dive)
Environmentalists, Utilities Skirmish Over EPA’s Gas Plant GHG Rule (Inside EPA)
U.S. Clean Energy Backers Rally to Keep Direct Pay Option for Tax Credits (S&P Global)
Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Domestic Manufacturing in Clean Energy, Grid Sectors (Utility Dive)
Clean Energy and Utility Groups Split Over FERC’s Dynamic Line Rating Inquiry (S&P Global)
Why Utilities Didn’t Join the Supreme Court Case Against EPA (E&E News)


Biden-Harris Administration Releases Permitting Action Plan to Accelerate Federal Infrastructure Projects (Daily Energy Insider)
U.S. Rural Co-ops to Band Together for Infrastructure Funds, NRECA CEO Says (S&P Global)

Industry News

Biden’s Carbon Proposal Is Unworkable, U.S. Power Sector Warns (Reuters)
U.S. Grid Operators Warn Biden’s Power Plant Crackdown Could Trigger ‘Significant Power Shortages’ (Fox News)
Power Companies Warn of Dangerous Transformer Shortage (Scripps News)
Power Plant Owners Blast Biden’s Emissions-Cutting Plan (Bloomberg)
Grid Transformer Supply Crunch Threatens Clean Energy Plans (Bloomberg Law)
America’s Power Sector Calls for Changes to EPA Carbon Reduction Proposal for Power Plants (Daily Energy Insider)
U.S. EPA Power Plant Proposal Sparks Debate Over Feasibility (S&P Global)
EPA Power Plant Carbon Plan Relies on Unavailable Tech, Violates Law: EEI, Trade Groups (Utility Dive)
EPA Power Plant Rules Will Force Plant Closures and Impact Energy Supplies (The Daily Record)
NRECA Files Comments Against EPA Power Plant Proposal (T&D World)
Clean Energy Transition Continues Despite Reliability, Supply Chain, and Financial Uncertainty (POWER Magazine)
U.S. Adversaries Trying to Manipulate Energy Resources (Fox News)
‘Special Report’ Spotlight: Is U.S. Power Grid Ready for Summer? (Fox News)
Rural Electricity Is Getting its Biggest Boost Since FDR—Here’s How (Yahoo News)
U.S. Utility Groups Seek White House Action on Electrical Steel (S&P Global)
The U.S. Is Running Low on the Machines Needed to Avoid Blackouts and Quit Fossil Fuels (HuffPost)
Opinion: Biden’s War on Affordable Energy (Yahoo News)
Risk of Summer Blackouts Stretches Into U.S. Southeast for First Time (Bloomberg)
Co-op Energy Innovation Program Applauded by Industry Leaders (Daily Energy Insider)
Biden Administration Announces Nearly $11B for Renewable Energy in Rural Communities (Associated Press)
White House to Invest Nearly $11 Billion for Renewable Energy in Rural Areas (CNBC)
RFP Alert: $9.7 Billion to Bring Clean Energy to Rural Electric Co-ops (PV Magazine)
EPA Green Rules Increase Blackout Risks; Emission Caps on Reliable Fuels Will Shut Down Power Plants (Washington Times)
EPA Proposes First Limits on Climate Pollution from Existing Power Plants (The New York Times)
EPA: New Pollution Limits Proposed for U.S. Coal, Gas Power Plant Reflect ‘Urgency’ of Climate Crisis (Associated Press)
Carbon Capture Key to EPA’s New Power Plant Emissions Rule (POWER Magazine)
Power Rule’s Carve-Out Could Undermine Protections (E&E News)
Rural Utility Group Pushes for Permitting Reform in Scramble to Meet Electrification Demand (Reuters)
USDA’s $9.7 Billion for Rural Co-ops Could Leverage 20 GW of Clean Energy (PV Magazine)
Clean Energy Takes Root in Rural America (Politico)
Can Utilities Rise to the Challenges Presented by Decarbonization? (Forbes)
Treasury Department Guidance Urgently Needed to Tap IRA’s Clean Energy ‘Gold Mine,’ Analysts Say (Utility Dive)
Rural Electric Groups Are Gathered in Music City to Discuss the Big Issues (RFD-TV)
Utilities Have the Transition Blues – No Way from Here to There (White House Chronicle) 
Cooperatives Make a Difference Traditional Businesses Don’t (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Pratt Linemen Provide Assistance in Florida After Recent Hurricane (The Pratt Tribune)
Lineworkers Left Homes, Families to Help Restore Power (Venice Gondolier)
More than 600,000 Customers Still Without Power in Florida; FPL Has Restored Power to Almost 80% (Utility Dive)
Sen. Baldwin Introduces Reliable Rail Service Legislation (Transportation Today)
Supply Chain Issues Could Slow Fix of Florida Electric Grid (Associated Press)
Floridians Could Face Weeks Without Power If Ian Leaves Grid ‘Beyond Repair’ (Politico)
Power Problems (Full Measure)
End Supply Chain Shortages to Protect Southeast’s Electric Infrastructure, GOP Tells Biden (Daily Energy Insider)
Christmas in August: Electric Utilities Hit Renewable Pay Dirt With IRA Passage (Forbes)
Transformer Shortage Hits Utilities in Storm Season (E&E News) 
Inflation Reduction Act Signals New Day for Nuclear Power (Boston Herald)
Senate Passes Inflation Reduction Act with $369 Billion in Energy and Climate Spending (Utility Dive)
Despite Compromise, Oil, Gas Bemoans Climate Bill While Renewable Groups Rejoice (S&P Global)
Energy Stakeholders Applaud Senate Passage of Inflation Reduction Act (Daily Energy Insider)
Senate Passes Reconciliation Bill with $40 Billion for Ag (The Fence Post)
Renewable Energy, Electrification Big Winners in Inflation Reduction Act (POWER Magazine)
Senate Passes Inflation Reduction Act, Including Climate-Smart Ag Funding (Progressive Farmer)
Reconciliation Bill Includes Ag Conservation Programs (The Hagstrom Report)
Energy Security, Climate Change Initiatives Endure With Surprise U.S. Senate Deal (POWER Magazine)
Support Rolls In for Clean Energy, Climate Change Provisions in Reconciliation Package (Daily Energy Insider)
Unprecedented Heat and Stressed Grids Make Dangerous Power Outages Increasingly Likely (HuffPost)
Over Half of U.S. at High Risk of Blackouts (Fox News)
Viewpoint: Keep the Lights On During the Energy Transition (Grand Forks Herald)
Rush Toward Green Energy Has Left U.S. ‘Incredibly’ Vulnerable to Summer Blackouts, Expert Warns (Fox News)
U.S. Power Companies Face Supply Chain Crisis This Summer (Reuters)
Two-Thirds of Country Face the Prospect of Blackouts This Summer (Newsy)
Power Access Threatened by Extreme Weather, Spiking Utility Bills (National Journal)
‘Serious’ Supply Chain Issue Threatens Grid Stability, DOE Told (POLITICO Pro)
Power Companies Prepared for Higher Electrical Use (Ludington Daily News)
Rolling Blackouts Possible as Temperatures Rise (WPBN-TV)
Focus Podcast: Potential Power Problems (WWTV-TV)
Rural Utility CEOs Sound Off on Their Biggest Challenges (T&D World)
Solar, Utility Groups Blitz Hill on Tariff Probe, Taxes (POLITICO Pro)
Oklahoma Electric Co-ops Select Team to Electrify Remote Guatemalan Village (Utility Products)
Courts Dismiss Co-op Suits Seeking Exits From Long-Term Power Supply Contracts (Utility Dive)
FEMA Loan Interest Payment Relief Act Through the House (Florida Daily)

Electric Vehicles

Rural States, Groups Tell EPA of Emissions Proposal Concerns (Transport Topics)
Massive Collaborative to Roll Out Electric Vehicles Aims to Electrify Grid by 2030 (Washington Examiner)
A Surge of Electric Vehicles May Test Virginia’s Grid (PBS)
Will Electric Vehicles Kill the Gas Station? (E&E News)
Electric Vehicles Are Here and Electric Jets Are Coming. Should We Fear Electrification of the Economy? (Forbes)
Who Wants Biden’s EV-Charging Money? Everybody (E&E News)
The Bet Behind Electrifying the Heartland for EVs (Wall Street Journal)
EVs Driving Growth in Smart Grid Technology (Electrical Contractor)
Electric Co-ops Help Lead Charge to Bring EV Infrastructure to Rural Communities (Automotive News)


Three Rural Electric Cooperatives Awarded DOE Funds for Microgrid Projects (Microgrid Knowledge)
These New Double-Duty Heat Pumps Can Warm Both Air and Water (Canary Media)
DOE Offers $3M to Encourage Carbon Management, Storage Tech Among Public Power Associations (Daily Energy Insider)
Microgrids Power Through Haiti Earthquake (Microgrid Knowledge)
Tax Credit Would Target Emerging Tech in Solar, Storage and Hydrogen (PV Magazine)
Electric Co-op Aims to Make New Technologies Accessible to All (NPR)
Evolving Technology Changes Work at Electric Co-op (East Oregonian)


NRECA CEO Among Washington DC’s 500 Most Influential People (Washingtonian)
How You Can Show Support for Sawnee EMC Lineworkers (Forysth County News)
Lineworker Appreciation Day Approaching (WAXX-FM)
The Power Behind Your Power (Union-Times)
Coules-Moultrie Electric Cooperative Honoring Local Linemen (Journal Gazette & Times-Courier)