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Distributed Energy Resources

Electric co-ops are increasingly investing in sustainable distributed energy resources (DER), which include wind and solar power, battery storage, energy efficiency, and programs to help manage electricity demand.

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Where we stand

NRECA supports policies that enable co-ops to invest in the DER programs that work for the co-op and their members. Those decisions are best made by local communities, including co-ops, which focus on reliability, affordability and innovation for their consumer-members.

Impact on

Cooperatives and Businesses

Co-ops are committed to deploying innovative DER technologies that benefit members by reducing costs, improving reliability, and responding to members’ interests and needs. Co-ops lead the nation in offering community-scale solar options to their members.


Co-ops’ use of DER helps reduce costs for members and can improve the environment of local communities. Members can participate in programs—and often get co-op financing—to help install solar technology or make improvements in energy efficiency.

Cooperative Solar Is Skyrocketing

The SUNDA (Solar Utility Network Deployment Acceleration) initiative, a research project spearheaded by NRECA and the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office that began in 2013, drove a dramatic increase in cooperative solar projects.

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