Planning Guide

What you need to know to prepare for an enjoyable and safe Youth Tour experience

What to Expect

You will travel with other students from your state as well as numerous chaperones from your community, including parents, teachers, and electric co-op employees. While in Washington, you’ll experience history first-hand by visiting monuments, the Smithsonian Museums, and by meeting your representative and senators.

Washington weather in June is unpredictable. It could be hot and humid, and rain is always a possibility. Be sure to check out the National Weather Service’s web site for more information on the weather forecast for Washington.

Keep in mind that the program involves a great deal of walking. Comfortable shoes are a must. We strongly advise participants to wear sturdy shoes that are already broken in.

Dress is generally casual, but should show respect for the institutions and memorials that participants will be visiting. No short shorts, torn clothing, or questionable T-shirts, please! Professional dress is expected for Capitol Hill Day. Consult your state‘s itinerary and tour director for dress code details for specific events.