Rates and Mechanical Specifications

For RE Magazine display, employment, online and podcast advertising

Send your artwork on time! Our magazine has published mail dates that cannot be delayed. To help us in the process, we count on you to submit your artwork on-time and error-free. Check your Material Due Date. The quality of reproduction cannot be guaranteed if RE Magazine‚Äôs specifications are not adhered to or if the material is received after our copy deadlines.

RE Magazine Rates and Specs
2024 Ad Rates (PDF)
Mechanical Specifications (PDF)
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Two-Page Spread with Bleed: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
Two-Page Spread Non-Bleed: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
Full Page Non Bleed: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
Full Page Bleed: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
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One-Half Page Horizontal: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
One-Half Page Island: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
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One-Third Page Square [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
One-Quarter Page: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
One-Sixth Page: [Download ZIP File (InDesign CC)]
To reserve an ad, please contact Danielle Burton, 301-829-6333 or dburton@remagazine.org.

Text-Only Advertisements / Print
Word Count* NRECA Members** Non-Members
300 Words or Less $500 $900
301 to 600 Words $900 $1,840
  • Proof your ad before sending!
  • Ad copy will be edited for grammar and also conformed to RE Magazine editorial style.
  • No frequency discounts available.
  • *Microsoft Word Count will be used to determine your rate.
  • Invoices are mailed the month of the issue that contains the ad. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • **Ads must be reserved by, received from, and paid for by an NRECA member (electric cooperative, public power district, public utility district, affiliate, associate, international, or service) to receive the member rate. The member rate is not given to advertising agencies, non-member search firms, or other entities acting as agents for a member. Additionally, member ads must instruct applicants to submit materials to an NRECA member.
  • No agency commission is paid on employment opportunity advertising.

For questions about employment advertising, or to reserve an ad, please contact Veronica Franco 703-907-6733 or email advertise@nreca.coop.

Online Only Advertisement / REmagazine.coop
Word Count* NRECA Members** Non-Members
700 Words or Less $400 $800

Additional Employment Advertising Opportunities through NRECA

Cooperative Career Center
NRECA co-op members receive FREE job postings on the Cooperative Career Center. Visit Cooperative.com for details about this self-service online resource. Ads posted will appear on Cooperative.com and TouchstoneEnergy.com.

Associate Members of NRECA are now able to post jobs on the Career Center, for a fee. Learn more about Associate Membership. For more information on the Cooperative Career Center, please contact Desiree Dunham at Desiree.Dunham@nreca.coop.

NRECA Executive Search Services
For information on NRECA’s Executive Search service, contact Leigh Taylor at Leigh.Taylor@nreca.coop

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