Youth Day

Wednesday, June 19 is our Youth Day program. There is a special kind of energy when you have almost 2,000 delegates from rural America in the same room.

Students get the opportunity to learn about the rich history of electric cooperatives and the important role of being an active participant in our democracy. Whether they are eligible to vote or not, they are still constituents and their voice can and will be heard.

Youth Day is where the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) members are introduced. The YLC is composed of one student per state who are selected by their chaperones and peers. These young leaders will play an active role in NRECA’s annual meeting, PowerXchange, the following March in Atlanta.

The Youth Day program features motivational speakers and industry leaders who embody the spirit of electric cooperatives. There are countless examples of greatness and achievement gained by those who saw a need, took a stand, and did what was right — whether it was for their neighbors, their town, their state or their country. Thousands of high school delegates and staff have been inspired by NRECA’s Youth Day program!